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    I am truly glad that you are looking for support, as the strongest healing happens with the help of others.


    Perhaps your issue is small and you could use assistance with managing stress and calming some anxieties. Perhaps your issue is long-standing and you have childhood pain to process and understand.


    You might have symptoms of depression, or concerns about your relationships, wondering how to foster greater understanding in your romantic relationships, or within your family. You also might find comfort in my office if you are someone who has sometimes felt themselves to be on the outside looking in.


    Whether the issues are big or small, for yourselves or your loved ones, I can help increase your sense of groundedness and connection.

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    What Brings You Here?

    Some Reasons Clients Come to My Office

    Wordcloud of Issues

                     • Anxiety

                     • Depression

                     • Identity Issues

                     • Life Transitions

                     • Relationship Issues

                     • School Issues

                     • Stress

                     • Trauma

                     • Work Issues

  • Balance Rock

    Could you benefit from more balance?

    I can help you find a place of balance, where issues of anxiety, depression, and stress become more manageable and you get to be more yourself. That's the goal -- not to make you a new person, but a healthier and more satisfied version of yourself, whether you are an adolescent or a grandparent.

    Partners in the Sun

    Could your relationships use more understanding?

    It's common for families and romantic partners to get stuck in negative patterns, despite the best of intentions. I help you find ways to get unstuck and be yourselves within mutually supportive and satisfying relationships. These patterns have often persisted for years and can require significant relearning and repair -- it takes effort, but the results tend to be deeply satisfying.

    Creativity Icon

    Are you creative?

    I have a background in the arts and literature which helps me work well with creative types, from hobbyists to professionals, as well as those who take a creative approach within the worlds of tech and business.

    Books/Learning Icon

    Are you a student or academic?

    My experiences in the field of education has led me to work frequently with students and teachers. This ranges from younger students in middle school to older adults in graduate school to retired academics.

    Diversity Pride Flag Icon

    Do you value diversity, equity, and inclusion?

    A significant percentage of my clients know what it's like to be treated differently based on their identity. This can be due to race, gender, sexuality, or any number of identity categories. My dedication to diversity stems in part from my own family's immigration history, as well as years spent living and working in spaces devoted to unheard voices; you may find me a good fit if you care about marginalized identities.

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    Dr. Matthew Daube

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY32407